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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fools' Gold - Philippa Gregory

I have loved Philippa Gregory book for years now and absolutely adore the cousins' war series in particular, as I have said before I love historical fiction and I have a (geeky) love for the war of the roses. I assumed I would love her other books just as much.

I was not disappointed, but this book was defiantly not what I was expecting.

Firstly, it turns out this book is right in the middle of a series, the order of darkness series, something I didn't have a clue about when I started to read but quickly worked out after the first couple of chapters. Why did I not realise when I bought the book you ask? Because I borrowed it from my Nana and she didn't have a clue, she had just thought it was 'a bit of a funny book'. That all being said, it didn't effect the reading of the book much, granted some details would have been easier to grasp and the back story would have been improved, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Secondly, I foolishly assumed this would also be historical fiction. I was wrong. Although it is set in 1454, its not based around historical events, but still I really enjoyed it. The story was fun and quick, not difficult to follow, and the characters were likeable, if a little bland.

I say bland but really they weren't, I am just hard to please when it come to characters and I had high hopes for this book after I had enjoyed so many of her others. What I really mean is that the characters were a little 'samey' - you could plonk them into many other books and stories and they would have got along fine. I like characters that demand to be read; that fight to belong in the book they are in.

On the whole I enjoyed this book, nothing that spectacular but amusing and light hearted. I would say that if you are fond of Phillippa Gregory and her writing style ( I love her style of writing!) then it might be worth picking up the first book in the series and see how you get on, and would be really great I think for younger teen readers (beware reference to sex and drunkenness).

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