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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Before I go to Sleep - SJ Watson

This book was recommended to me by a friend a couple of weeks ago and to be honest with you I didn't completely understand the concept when she explained it to me. I ruled the story off as stupid and unrealistic as the main thread of the plot involves the main character forgetting the majority of her life when she falls asleep- awaking in the morning with no recollection of her husband or their life. Although I still argue over the realisticness of this condition (correct me if anyone knows something about it that I don't) this is a fantastic book none the less. This will be a short review from me I imagine because its hard not to give away the story- but trust me, this should go right to the top of your reading list.

After the first chapter or so, the plot and concept of the book are gripping and incredibly interesting. The story is a mystery/crime and there are some pretty incredible plot twists that heighten the book to a whole new level- this is achieved through great detail and attention to accuracy. 

The characters are caught incredibly well in this book, especially the frustrations and thoughts of the main character Christine. I like to think that Christine is so named as a parallel to The Phantom of the Opera as I can see some similarities but this is most likely just my imagination. The way Christine's life is written is brilliant- such an original writing style and plot that could so easily be overly confusing and difficult but is portrayed beautifully without any real struggles of difficulty. 

This is a definite read for all ages, however please bare in mind some sexual references, and especially for those who love a mystery as this book really does keep you guessing till the very last pages. I have to say that although I have a copy that was released after the film I haven't seen the film or really intend to see it- if you read the book I think readers will understand my scepticism over how an earth it could be converted to film and still keep the magic and detail of the plot. 

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