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Sunday, 23 August 2015

We are all completely beside ourselves- Karen Joy Fowler

Firstly let me just apologies for the lack of posts on here; I have been travelling around Europe for a month but much more on that in the future. Stay tuned.

The first thing to mention about this book was the incredible writing style; the author has an incredible grip over the writing. The lead character, Rosemary, talks directly to the reader which is something I love in a book and really allows the author to hold the attention of the reader really really well. That being said, this style has some restrictions- for example it would have been really interesting to hear more thoughts from Rosemary's father in this story. Although this does'nt bother me too much as it fits with the theme and story line of the story that Rosemary can only explain her own feelings.

The twist in this story is brilliant- especially for soemone who is interested in the themse (I can't really go into too much detail because it gives the whole thing away) like I am. I can say, however, that this twist comes and precisly at the right time and in a way that was so simply and beautifully revealed. I was worried from the start that this book would be really hard to grasp and a bit confusing but this really wasn't aa problem- it was straight forward and flowed really well.

The detail in this story is simply stunning- there is a section (and if you read the book this will make much more sense) about 'will you take my pack' and I can't stress enough how much this part touched me. I know that doesn't explain it at all  but trust me- its fantastic. This brings me on to the themese themselves in the book; the issues raised are incredibly interesting and not widely talked about in mainstream media, be it books, films, tv ect.

This is a wonderful book and a terrific read. Defintily give it a try, it raises some really interesting thoughts and some powerful questions.

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