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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lumaworld- Rachel E.Kelly

Lumaworld is the third instalment of the Colorworld series written by Rachel Kelly. Please find reviews of the first book, Colorworld and the second book, Teleworld, below.

The story that runs through this series is totally unique; from the first book I fell in love with it. I have to say this isn't my favourite book in the series but I still really enjoyed it, and find the the whole plot compelling and fascinating to follow. With this particular book I did however, unfortunately, struggle a little with the middle portion of the story- I felt it was a little slow and got a tiny bit lost. That being said it's 100% worth sticking it through and vital detail is included in this section.

Something I do struggle a little with in these stories is following them completely without difficulty. You have to keep your whits about you as you are reading them as it can be easy to get lost, especially in this instalment, but that definitely shouldn't put readers off. I personally feel that spreading out the action slightly may have made it easier to follow.

I adore the characters in this series; Gabe being a particular favourite. The characterisation and development in Lumaworld is lovely- which really elevates and influences the emotional sections of the story, of which this book has many. Some sections of the story were written so beautifully I was really moved (a rare thing for me) and the way the characters have been written really adds to the emotion and depth of the story. As I mentioned in the previous review of Teleworld, I really wanted to see development of other characters in Lumaworld, in particular Ezra. I was not left disappointed. The story was greatly elevated and made much more interesting by us learning much more about a number of other characters, including Ezra and Robert.

Again this instalment was packed with twists and turns and unexpected surprises. I did feel that a couple were a little too out of nowhere but that's just my personal opinion. I love how Kelly has managed to maintain the air of mystery and surprise through out the series-mainly through the extensive development of the colorworld-world. I am totally hooked on the series, its truly unique and interesting and I love that I've finally found a sci-fi esq series to read which really brings me out of my comfort zone!

Colorworld review
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Note: This book was sent to me to review. This is no way alters or affects my opinion of the book and I only review books sent to me that I genuinely would have considered
purchasing for myself.

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