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Thursday, 18 June 2015

My top 5 YA series

Here I have compiled a top 5 of some of my favourite YA book series. I’ve tried to keep clear of the most obvious ones and maybe bring your attention to lesser known/older releases. Enjoy! 
The Magician’s Guild trilogy by Trudi Canavan – This is a trilogy that I have talked about before on this blog but I couldn't help but mention it again. I LOVE this collection of books- from the writing style to the characters and story itself I think it’s a really interesting and unique series. Perfect for YA fantasy lovers, as well as those interested in mystery or ‘other realm’ stories.
Please find a link to a more detailed review I did a while ago:Magicians guild trilogy

Chaos walking trilogy by Patrick Ness- ok well I'll admit, this series isn't exactly completely unknown but give me a chance. I fell in love with this series when I was given a copy of the first book, The Knife of never letting go, by my school for some sort of YA book competition (I forgot what the deal was but it was to do with a short list of books and YA readers voting for a winner- anyway I digress). It’s an incredible series, unlike anything I've read since and I still re-read it to this day. I know that Patrick Ness has written a short story as a prequel to the trilogy and I defiantly want to try that out soon. I would say this probably isn’t  for everyone, but worth a shot because it is fantastic. I think this is an excellent universal book gender wise as well.  I also hear rumour on the grape vine that it is being adapted to a film in the near future, so read it now!
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver- I adored this series when I read it, and I pretty much just read each book one after the other. It’s 6 books long, and I made it to book 5 however when I was reading them 6 was yet to be released ( I am definitely going to be making a purchase of it though now). It’s set in ancient times and involves magic and plenty of action. A very unique story and once again a great all rounder gender wise. 

Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini- also known as the ‘Eragon series’. I can’t really express to you how obsessed with this series I was; I was literally racing my friends to finish it first. Currently it is 4 books long, and unfortunately (a similar story to the chronicles of ancient darkness series) I only made it to book 3. This is a really great fantasy series, packed with action and magic with a really detailed and gripping plot. Please don’t be put off by the film that was made of the first book; it really doesn't give justice to how great this series is. Definitely a story that is better read and imagined than seen in front of you on a screen.
Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage- this is another series that I was really really into however I have a vague recollection of it seeming to drop off a little towards the end? I adored the first 3 books, liked the 4th and the final 3 I never got around to reading. That being said the last book was only released in 2013 so it’s definitely a series I may go back and revisit. Again fantasy and magic driven but very quirky and interesting. I would say this is probably aimed at the younger YA audience but the plot does develop and would continue to be interesting for slightly older readers I feel. 

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