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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins

To begin with I was so excited to read this book but I have to say that I struggled a little to begin with. For some reason I really struggled to get into the story even though I was enjoying it, however I did get more into it around the middle. 

The story itself is really interesting, and made even better by the writing style. The book is split into 3 separate voices- Rachel, Megan and Anna- and each of these is broken into morning and Evening. This is a very unique style, an intriguing set up and made the story easy to follow. It also made the mystery side of the story fresh and different from the classic mystery set ups. I won't lie, this wasn't the best mystery book I've read but its ok and not a bad story. Unfortunately, for me the ending fell a little flat because it was ever so slightly predictable- some characters were ruled out too soon for 'not having done it' for my liking.  

Another thing I like about this book is the idea of how we view others is portrayed, as well as how similar strangers lives can be. How the relationship between Rachel and Megan/Scott changes is fascinating and really emphasises how our expectations and assumptions about people can be totally wrong. The writing style hid a lot of character traits until the last moments which was a great addition to the story and the theme of mystery. 

The characters are ok, a little rash, a bit depressing and a tad all over the place, but good on the whole. Its great how they interact with each other, especially Rachel and Anna. It was interesting to read about Rachel, who is an alcoholic, and her thought patterns. She's unique and I liked reading the parts where the story was written in her voice- she was definitely my favourite. Her thought pattern is brilliant- she has some amazing lines, especially when she's talking about her alcohol problem and by the end you really are rooting for her despite her problems. 

In my opinion this book is ok,  definitely not incredible run out to the shops right this second to purchase it because you have to read it immediately, but not terrible. I enjoyed it, I probably wouldn't read it again. Not for YA readers. 

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