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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Teleworld- Rachel.E.Kelly

Firstly, I know how long its's been; I am a dreadful blogger clearly that can't keep up with anything and is generally a bit rubbish. Apologies. But exams are over, summer is here and I'm ready to swing back into reading with full force.

Teleworld is the second instalment of the Colorworld series; the first book 'Colorworld' I reviewed some time ago (please see a link to this below). I very much enjoyed Colorworld however, although I did still enjoy Teleworld, I felt it wasn't quiet as enjoyable as the first instalment. I personally find this common in series/trilogies of books that the middle book is more of a filler/link between the developing stories. That being said, there was still plenty going on in this second book.

What I love about this series is that it is jam packed full of twists and unexpected turns which make the books really gripping to read; and Teleworld was no exception. The story developed on from the first very smoothly, despite the large gap I had between reading them, and kept a nice pace. The story is really interesting, a wholly unique (for me at least) plot that, although dips slightly into superpower cliché, mainly sticks to an original story with strong development. There is generally plenty of action to keep a reader interested but still a drive for detail and description to bring this new world alive. The story is believe able,   something I look for and love in a book, but still allows for a lot of imagination.

The characterisation is good; Gabe being a particular favourite of mine. That being said, the more I read of this story the more I see how people's opinions of the characters could be wildly different. Will I adore Gabe others may find him overbearing and annoying, it's all a matter of opinion. Wendy I do have a little more trouble with; I do like her character but I do find her a little irritating and irrational in certain situations however that is part of her character process, so I can't complain too much. In addition in the next book I would love to see more development from other characters, such as Ezra,  and I feel this would bring the series up a level and develop the story in a whole new direction.

Teleworld is never going to be a solo read, none of the books from the series are; once you're in you will be in till the end because there is something about the story that just keeps you hooked: you have to know what is going on and what will happen next! Its full of surprises. I think this series would be suitable for most ages and an interesting way to get into the diverse  supernatural genre. I shall defiantly keep reading this series!

Colorworld review: http://lizzyisreading.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/colorworld-rachelekelly.html

Note: This book was sent to me to review. This is no way alters or affects my opinion of the book and I only review books sent to me that I genuinely would have considered
purchasing for myself.

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